Skinny Carbonara

Who doesnt love carbonara right? Its so delicious but often drowned in cream and cheese… Which don’t get me wrong is yummy but its not great for the diet… I made this with goats cheese and it tastes unreal! Recipe below…


50g uncooked spaghetti

4 bacon medallions, diced

1 cup of mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms

30g goats cheese

2 cloves garlic

Splash of almond milk

Cook the spaghetti in boiling water. While its cooking, saute the bacon and when its cooked through add the veggies and garlic and cook for a few further minutes. I add a splash of water to cook the veg instead of oil which works but you could also add oil or Fry light spray if you wish! When the veg is fully cooked add a splash of almond milk and the goats cheese; stirring for a couple of minutes. If you need to thicken the sauce, add a teaspoon of cornflour into the liquid and mix well! Drain the spaghetti and toss through the sauce. Easy peasy!

*To make this low carb swap the spaghetti for courgetti*

*You can use extra light philadelphia instead of goats cheese to lower the fat content further if you wish*


Whats the best diet for weightloss?

Whats the best diet for weightloss? Theres a lot of conflicting information online about weightloss. Everywhere you look theres another “expert” who claims they have found the secret; that their way of doing things DEFINITELY works. There are people who say you don’t need to count calories if you are eating healthy. There are people who say you should always count calories to reach your goals. There are those who swear low carb is the way to go; while others swear its Paleo that worked for them.

The correct answer is the number one diet that works is the diet that works for YOU. If you can only eat fish and broccoli for 3 meals a day but you get super lean is it worth it? For me it wouldn’t be. Whats the point in looking great if you’re a miserable bastard then? Equally, whats the point in eating what you want all the time if it makes you overweight, self conscious and unhappy? There are people I know who tell me I take my diet too seriously but they are also people who have an aura of negativity around them all the time; so tell me whos happier? Does that Friday night takeaway REALLY make you happy or is it just a habit you’ve gotten into that you think you can’t do without? You need to do whats right for you…

After I finished the marathon I was so happy with myself for my acheivement but I’d let myself go with my shape. I felt self conscious and lacking in strength. I’d put a lot into the running but I neglected other areas of fitness so I wanted to work on that. I also wanted to drop some weight, build some muscle and lean out a bit. I’m back on a 6 week plan that I did last year with great results… So far in 2 weeks I’ve lost 9lbs and I am getting stronger and leaner by the day… SO many people have messaged me to ask for my diet plan and what my calories are and what training I’m doing. People seem to think its the food plan that makes the difference; when really its the adherence TO the food plan. When you are following a plan you don’t usually stray from it much. This means that you stick to the calories you are allowed, day in and day out. THAT is the secret to weightloss. Its calories in vs calories out. Simple as! Yes I am doing quite a bit of training but I still have 2 rest days per week and I am still eating 5 times a day; I’m not on a stupid “cleanse” or crash diet, surviving only on shakes or any other stupid shit. How often do YOU really stick to your guns while dieting? Do you give in the odd time, or more often that not thinking you deserve a treat?

Over these 6 weeks I have planned a treat meal next weekend for the halfway mark, and a couple of drinks on the Saturday night as theres a festival on in town… Apart from that I’m aiming for 95% consistency over these 6 weeks. That means hitting my macros perfectly for the 6 weeks. That means staying off the foods I’m supposed to avoid and including as many of the foods I’m supposed to eat instead. That means no crisps, no takeaways, no bars of chocolate. It doesn’t really bother me as I know my results will be great at the end of the 6 weeks.. After that I will take a more balanced approach, leave some more room for a couple of treats but I still will try to track what I’m eating, because otherwise I’ll go back to the way I was..

Do you really want to lose weight? Like I mean REALLY? Are you prepared to do what it takes to get the weight off? Would you be able to say goodbye to takeaways, to chicken fillet rolls, to biscuits with your tea, to pizza Fridays? It doesn’t have to be forever; but you won’t ever be able to go back to the way you used to eat if your diet wasn’t good. I will NEVER be able to just eat what I want; because when I did that I was hugely overweight. Even when I was marathon training I was still eating better than most people I know but the weight was slowly creeping up because I wasn’t keeping it in check! Theres always room for treats in your diet but you need to learn and be honest without yourself when you have been treating yourself a little TOO much!

Its easy for fitness professionals to say that you don’t need to worry so much about food to keep your body in check. For a lot of these people they weren’t obese. They may never have had a bad relationship with food; with binging or overeating. I see people every day who make poor choices but they still manage to stay thin. I’m not one of those people. I’ve got to work HARD to keep my weight off; theres times when it creeps up and I have to cut back on the calories and junk then. The thing is, I always know WHY the weight is coming on. Its because I am eating too many handy foods, not enough veg and enjoying too many treats! Weightloss is simple, but not easy. You all know what to do to get weight off; but putting it into practice is easier said than done!

It doesnt make it any easier when there are so many conflicting opinions around as well! What works for one person may not work for you. If someone asked me what worked for me and what I would recommend it’d be 3 very simple rules…
1. Count calories/macros… You don’t have to do this for the rest of your life, but when you are starting off you probably have NO idea what or how much you are eating. Steady weightloss that will last can be acheived by counting cals/macros and educating yourself about food!
2. Portion control… This is huge! When I was heavy I was eating the same size dinners as Jason and wondering why I was so big… Even recently in the last few months I was eating too big meals and a little adds up to a lot over time.
3. Discipline… Weightloss WILL NOT come without sacrifice.. Focus on what your goals are! You don’t have to have a biscuit every time its offered to you. If you’re out for lunch you don’t need to get chips with it. After a few drinks you dont NEED a curry chip and a cheeseburger. Sometimes we all need a treat and there are treats I almost never turn down but there are a LOT I don’t bother with. Its not going to be the last time you ever get something nice… So don’t mess up all the hard work you put in all week for the sake of a big chocolate binge on a Sunday then…

There is no magic answer when it comes to weightloss; unfortunately for proper sustainable weightloss it requires dedication, hard work and discipline. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want it, and are you willing to work for it? If you put in the time and effort you can reach your goals! What have you got to lose?? The rules are simple; work hard, train hard, eat well and enjoy a proper balance… Have that pizza when you want it but eat veggies when your body needs it! It might be tougher at the start but when you start to make real progress you can include more of the things you love and you might find you are so happy that you would never want to go back to your old ways!


Thanks as always for reading! Any questions you know where to reach me xx

What about AFTER you achieve your goal?

Last week I ran my first marathon. It was the best day of my life and so worth all the weeks and months of training and hard work! This goal was almost 2 years in the making after having trained for a marathon last year but having to pull out due to injury. It was one of the proudest moments of my life when I crossed the line but I did wonder how I would feel when it was all over! Would I be disappointed that I didnt do better? Would I never want to run again? Or an even scarier thought, would I want to do ANOTHER marathon??


The day after the marathon I could hardly get out of bed… The pain actually blew me away because I’d never been as sore as that! After every long run during training I’d been sore and stiff yes but usually the day after I was fine! This time when I got out of bed my calves were so tight I could barely stand up straight! Once I got moving it wasn’t so bad but every time I sat for any length of time I was pure stiff and sore when I tried to move again… Fortunately I’d had the sense to book the week off work for some well deserved rest and relaxation! Jase and I headed to Kilronan Castle for a wee spa break and I spent most of the first evening just lying in bed eating chocolate and drinking wine because I was too sore to move haha! It was most definitely worth it though…


The next day the pain had eased a bit but my legs were still in bits! I don’t think I quite appreciated the strain I had put on my body until then… Usually I would bounce back quite quickly and I also have a high pain threshold so to be still so sore was unusual for me! Jase and I went off to Lough Key Forest Park for a wee adventure and spent over an hour and a half out walking which did help loosen the legs up! Ryan had told me I’d have to take a week off with no training whatsoever and in the second week only weight training; no running! I’d agreed at the time because my legs were in agony but I have to admit now after a week without running I’m starting to get a bit antsy!

I had already planned to have a new goal for after the marathon because I am the sort of person that NEEDS something to focus on to keep me going. If I have too much downtime I tend to just eat all around me… To be completely honest over the last couple of months I have been enjoying FAR too many treats! I knew I was doing it but I sort of couldn’t help myself or I didn’t want to… The marathon training took SO much out of me both physically and mentally that I found I just couldnt give the same amount of effort to my food prep… I was still eating quite well but eating too much junk at the weekends and I wasn’t tracking my macros properly either. According to the scales I have only put on 4lbs since Christmas but I am still quite far away from a weight that I am happy with. Its not all about the scales and they wouldn’t be normally what I go by but I also got before pictures taken yesterday and oh my god was that a wakeup call. You don’t really notice the weight creeping on when it happens gradually but when I saw those pictures I cringed so much!


The only thing is those pictures will serve as great motivation for me! I’m starting tomorrow with a bang and I am so ready to get my head back in the game. Last year I followed the same diet plan, one that concentrates on balancing the hormones in your body so it can function at its best ability! I got incredible results from it last time and I also felt amazing so I can’t wait to try it again… There are quite a few components of it and its quite strict but structure and discipline is exactly what I need right now to get myself back on track!

Along with a proper food plan I’m going back to two PT sessions a week, back to fitness class and weight training and I’m also gonna sneak in a wee run or two in there as well… I have lost a lot of upper body muscle tone while marathon training and have packed on quite a few pounds of fat as well due to eating too much junk, so I’m looking forward to leaning out again. I’m aiming to lose around a stone to get back down to the weight I was last summer which should be easily achieved if I stick to the plan.. I’m looking forward to having more flexibility with my training and being able to swap out one workout for another if I fancy trying something different! Yesterday I attended an 8am yoga class in Sligo followed by a lovely brunch and it was such a nice experience! When you have to run for like 3 hours on a Saturday morning you don’t really have much opportunity to head away and do nice things like that!

During my week off I headed away for a few days, got to have dinner and drinks with my bestie, went away shopping, got my hair done and had lots of fun wee adventures! The next few weeks are going to be strict but I will really enjoy getting back to my old healthy self! A new goal is so important to focus on so you don’t lose your way. So often when people reach their goal; be it a fitness one like a marathon or perhaps reaching their target weight they think that thats them done then, which is SUCH a mistake to make… You need to have something else to focus on to keep you going… Thats the secret to keeping weight off, to keeping fitness levels up, to staying “motivated…” As soon as you achieve one goal move straight on to the next!


In 6 weeks time I hope to be back with another blog post detailing on how I’ve done on this challenge and then I will be focusing on the next thing then! You just got to keep moving forward!


Thanks as always for reading and any questions you can comment below or catch me on Snapchat: username is angiemcglan



My first marathon: anything is possible! 

Yesterday was the probably the proudest day of my entire life! In the past few years I have turned my life around and started working hard to become the person I am meant to be. I have set goals and reached most of them! I have had lots of failures but always tried again. Yesterday I ran a marathon. I actually can’t even comprehend it yet but I wanted to write this all down while it’s still fresh in my head! For anyone that hasn’t been following me I will give a quick catch up to how I got here from where I began! 

5 years ago I was a smoker, binge drinker and weighed around 230lbs. I had absolutely zero fitness levels and was miserable. I started with a trainer to try lose some weight for my wedding but fell in love with looking after myself! I lost 80lbs in a year and have kept it off (except for a few pounds here and there) for over 4 years now! I started running a few months after I started losing weight and did my first 10k within a year but I never thought I’d get much further than that! At the end of 2015 I decided I wanted to run a marathon so signed up for the Belfast one in May of 2016. I trained for it but had to give up 3 weeks out due to an injury. Afterwards I wasn’t sure whether or not to try again, I was so afraid of getting injured and having to give up AGAIN after putting so much work in! I did get struck with plantar fasciitis 3 weeks out (what is with the 3 week thing like? ) but decided I would go on. I spent my taper resting a lot, icing my foot and trying everything I could that would help. There was still a few niggles but in the last week it did improve a good bit.

The morning of the marathon I was petrified! I knew that I was being silly and that I had done the work but I just couldn’t help it! My stomach was churning, I could barely eat breakfast and I felt so worried. It never entered my mind that I wouldn’t finish the marathon because I know I am a tough cookie but I was afraid of running the last few miles in pain. My longest run in training, a 21 miler had been a really tough one because of my foot and this was an extra 5 miles!

Ryan made me swear to take it easy at the start and I knew that it would be tough to hold myself back but for the first 3 miles I ran at a really slow and steady pace… it paid off for me in the end because I managed to run for the entire duration of the marathon except for one twenty second period where I slowed to a walk! There were a lot of people taking walk breaks right even at the start but I wanted to try keep moving at a steady pace for as long as I could! I went in to the course sort of blind because I don’t know Derry at all and had no idea what the route would be like. . People had told me it was hilly and that there was a big hill at mile 25 but I honestly thought the course was amazing.. the few miles where I really struggled was all flat so it was more the distance rather than the course that made it tough.. I ran up every single hill and I am so proud of that!
The first few miles were a breeze! I picked up my pace a little bit from the start but still didn’t push myself too much, I was trying to conserve as much energy as I could! There was so much support from everyone around every corner, little kids holding out sweets and bottles of water, really picked up my spirits a few times!
I knew I wouldn’t make it around the whole course without stopping for a pee, I just don’t have that sort of bladder; so at mile 10 I made a pit stop, because I didn’t want to have to wait until I REALLY had to go!

I made it to the halfway marker and still was feeling pretty good! I had started to pass out a few people just by holding my steady pace and my foot was holding up well.. I could feel a slight pain in it but I was sort of detached from it! Probably all the adrenaline lol…
Around the 16 mile mark I told myself I only had 10 miles to go and that I could do it! I was starting to slow down a little at this pace but I was still doing alright. A few more hills and then we were on a flat again heading for the Peace Bridge..

I knew that wasthe 20 mile mark so I told myself it was only 6 miles to go, roughly around an hour or so of running left! The Peace Bridge was beautiful and lifted me up for a bit but after mile 21 I started to struggle. My hips were hurting, my calves were seizing up and the end seemed so far away! Mile 22 marker came along and I tried to tell myself it was only another 4 miles but I was really starting to slow. I never hit the wall which I couldn’t believe but it did get very tough for me then… 

Coming up on mile 23 I looked up and saw my Auntie Nonie on the side of the road cheering for me. I couldn’t believe it as I had no idea she was coming! She came alongside me and ran with me until mile 25, and only for her I would have been so miserable. She picked up my spirits and distracted me just when I needed it! I’ve never been so thankful for something in my life. .

Mile 25 meant Fahan hill, the one everyone had warned me about but Ryan was there waiting for me and he ran up it with me. . He told me to keep looking at the ground and to just lift the legs until I made it. It really was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be or maybe it was just because I was so fucked by then that it didn’t matter haha!

The rest was all downhill and I was feeling so accomplished by then. I knew I was going to make it and I felt absolutely euphoric coming down the hill, I managed to speed up and the last mile was great, I finished really strong which was my ambition! I finished in a time roughly between the time I said I wanted, but maybe a little slower than I thought. I figured I’d be disappointed but in no way was I. I couldn’t believe I’d done it, that I’d run for so long and made it through! To come from where I started to get this far is such an incredible feeling that it hasn’t even really sunk in with me yet. It was amazing to finish and have Jase and my favourite people there to celebrate with me and cheer me on! 

I have never been as proud of myself as I was yesterday and still cannot believe that I ran a marathon… a few years ago I couldn’t have even dreamed that I’d do that and now I can proudly say that I have achieved yet another goal. It was the hardest thing ever but the most rewarding! Every little bit of training was worth it ❤

Thank you to everyone who messaged me over the past few days there was literally hundreds of messages and comments! To date I have raised over €1300 for Pieta House but a few people have asked can they sponsor me this week and so I will leave it until Friday before I send off the donation! Please message me if you wish to make a donation, either on Instagram: @angiemcglan or on Snapchat: @angiemcglan
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Don’t ever think you can’t do something because you are wrong. I am so proud of myself and cannot believe how far I have come in a few short years.. who knows where I’ll be in another 5 years? 

Why is the exercise you do better than anyone elses?

We’ve all seen the posts havent we? The fit, toned gym girls who look amazing, so lean and strong… They get this way by lifting weights in the gym… Thats the ONLY way to lose weight and be healthy and fit, didnt you know that? :/

There are so many people on Instagram, particularly “professionals” who diss any form of cardio. This drives me mental because it puts people off doing any then, particularly girls who are new to training and perhaps don’t know any better. One particular post someone put up a picture of them when they were doing a lot of running, beside a picture of them after a few months of weight training. They also openly admitted that their diet was 100 times better now than when they were just running. Did they ever think maybe THAT was the reason they were more “fit” looking?

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5 Years Since I Changed My Life

May Bank Holiday weekend is always one that sticks out in my head and holds a lot of significance for me! In 2012, a couple of days before the Bank Holiday weekend I had gone for a consultation with Ryan about starting personal training. For those first few days it was such a huge novelty! He laid out food ideas, instructed me to keep a food diary and started the training. The first few weeks were SO hard. I had absolutely no level of fitness whatsoever. I remember Ryan having to hold my hands just to steady me so I could do bodyweight squats! It took me 22 minutes to walk a mile and I weighed well over 16 stone! I barely knew Ryan at the time and no one else in the world knew what weight I was even my own husband. I didnt even want to know myself so I tried to stay away from the scales. Ryan was the perfect person for me to start with because he was firm but fair; he wasn’t a scary trainer and he quickly became one of the best friends I’ve ever had and he still is to this day…

The concept of keeping a food diary was so strange, but it helped so much at the start. My diet at the start would have been far removed from what it is now but it was 100 times better than the crap i HAD been eating. I tried to do everything that Ryan said, went to PT with him twice a week and then did my own wee thing as well 3 times a week. At the start it was mostly just walking or cycling. Really thats all I was able for!
In January of that first year Ryan started fitness classes and I was one of the fittest ones there. This was SUCH a mind-fuck for me. I still had a couple of stone to lose but I had been training 5 days a week consistently for over 6 months. The level of intensity wasn’t as high obviously as I would be doing today but I was still 100 miles away from the girl who used to get out of breath climbing the stairs. I started to really enjoy exercise instead of seeing it as a chore to get through, I started to get real satisfaction from powering through a tough workout and I loved seeing myself getting fitter and stronger! In a year I reached my goal weight and I couldn’t believe it; but Ryan warned me this was the crucial part now. Something like 90% of people who lose weight put it back on and sometimes even more than where they started. I had worked so so hard I was determined not to let this happen to me.

I changed so much throughout the first year and now my body shape has changed a lot recently while training for this marathon.. I must be the only person to put ON weight during marathon training haha… But I’m not worried… I am using the extra calories for fuel and the weight I’m holding is making me strong. Theres plenty of time to diet down after the marathon, for now it suits me to have the extra food to achieve my goals and who doesnt love extra food??

Sometime during the first year or so training became one of my favourite things to do. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it fucking sucks to be up and out running at 6am. Sometimes your muscles are SO sore from the battering you’ve given them at the gym and sometimes all you want to do is laze around! But I never ever regret training. Its become a great release for me mentally, especially the running. As I write this I’m less than 5 weeks out from running my first marathon and I have a 20 mile run to do this weekend. TWENTY MILES. If someone had told me that when I first started with Ryan I wouldn’t have even entertained the thought, I would have said it was impossible. Nothing is impossible if you put in enough work! I have dedicated my life to bettering myself in every way I can now, because I want to be the best I can be. For so long I lived an average life, working in a job I didn’t enjoy, being overweight but not doing anything about it, wanting to drive but being too scared etc etc. I have changed in so many ways over the past few years and I have never been happier with where I am at now.


Fitness has changed my life, not weightloss. The weightloss was amazing and has given me such confidence but its the fitness that gives me the desire to succeed and keep pushing my limits! I have done so many things I am proud of over the years that are related to running, training etc and they are goals achieved that no one can take away from me…  If you are reading this and you wish that you could change your life then why the hell don’t you? As Gary Vee says, whos permission are you waiting on?? Only you can make a change and it CAN be done. Yes it will be hard for you but it was hard for me too… Through struggle you find strength and if I had to I would do every single bit over again because its made me who I am today… What are you waiting for? xx

Running for something greater than me…

17499045_10155158487133185_1696317771492524024_n (1)

So as it stands I am 6 weeks exactly out from running my first marathon… Good god, is it really that soon?? On one hand I can’t wait to get it over with but on the other hand I don’t want that day to get here because then there’s no going back lol. Ever since I decide to try again for a marathon I wanted to run for a really important cause, but I wanted make sure I was able to run the distance before I started fundraising, I didn’t want to begin then have to pull out due to injury, which is what happened last year!


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I’d rather be real than perfect…


A few weeks ago I was having a lazy day and decided I wasn’t bothered cooking; we all get days like that right? Me and Jase decided to get something handy from the shops, have a few treats and watch movies for the evening. When I was leaving the shop with a bag of food someone said to me jokingly “no word of the health and fitness now”. I laughed it off but that’s small town mentality for you. People must think I only eat turkey burgers and protein shakes all the time! God forbid I decide to have a day off from counting macros and just chill out eh?


I think people have this feeling that you shouldn’t be eating junk if you are a “fitness/health personality.” I use that term loosely because thats not what I would describe myself as, but its often what people call me. I’d more describe myself as a permanently hungry runner, with the appetite of my former fat self 😉 I always say I lost the weight but the love for food never left me… My diet is worlds apart from what it used to be, but its not what I would describe as perfect ever. I try to eat a lot of healthy, high protein and carb foods, but I’ve a weakness for scones, for eggs benedict, for lemon meringue pie… I used to set aside days for having treats but i stopped that because they tend to turn into a free for all and I just end up eating junk all day long! For the first couple of years I tried to eat as clean as possible but I craved junk and ended up binging at the weekends which was so counter productive! Nowadays i try to have a more balanced approach… I eat fruit and veggies every day, eat plenty of turkey, fish, potatoes, greek yoghurt, oats etc. I’m also fond of bagels as a preferred carb source and couldnt live without butter and cheese…


As far as exercise goes at the moment I’m training for a marathon so i’m running 3 times a week, doing a strength training program, go to yoga once or twice and week and also try to get in a couple of really good stretch and foam roll sessions. I have skipped the odd workout in my time but very rarely. Thats because training is a great release for me, and I normally feel way better AFTER I’ve been training!


Something I’ve noticed throughout the years, particularly since I started my blog is there is a lot of begrudery. People in Ireland seem to hate to see other people doing well! I try and distance myself from this negativity as much as I can and have steered clear of people who put out these negative vibes. I  still post up what I want to because its MY page and if you aren’t there to support me then why are you even interested in what I’m doing??


I’d much rather surround myself with people who support me and my goals, and I do the same for them! I have a lot of friends on all different levels of the fitness field, powerlifters, runners, bikini preppers, etc. I celebrate their goals when they achieve them and commiserate with them if things don’t go to plan! I keep in contact and wish them well and love to see them do good. We are all on different journeys but heading towards the same destinations; to be better versions of ourselves!


Theres a saying that goes “Hell on earth is meeting the person you COULD have been,” which really gets to me. It basically means that the worst thing ever would be to see how your life COULD have turned out if you had tried harder, pushed yourself, got out of your comfort zone etc. My marathon is in 8 weeks and truth be told I’m starting to brick it a little! I’m not the sort of person who enjoys big races. I run for my headspace and to challenge myself, not to get medals or place in a race. It would be so much easier to NOT do the marathon. But what keeps me going is the thought of regretting it years down the line. I’ve put in so much work the past few months and also over the past year to get back to where I am today. I will probably never run another marathon again but I can look back, be proud of what I’ve achieved and tick it off the bucket list!
Over the past few months my training schedule has been consistent barring any aches or pains that have stopped me from running. Other people training for marathons may run more often or further than me; but for now this is whats working for me. The only person you should compare yourself to is the older version of you! There will always be someone fitter, faster, stronger etc. But you should only aim to beat yourself!


However, sometimes you can try everything and it still doesn’t work out. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself when this happens. I used to beat myself up something serious when things didn’t go the way I wanted, either through injury or through lack of discipline on my part, until I realised you don’t have to be perfect to inspire people.
I am a few pounds heavier this past few months while I’ve been marathon training and eating extra calories for fuel. I still have cellulite on my legs. I’ve got loose skin from begin overweight that will probably never go away. I eat way too much junk sometimes especially when I’m hungover… If you follow me looking for perfection then you’re in the wrong place! But if you follow me because I am honest then you won’t go far wrong. I make mistakes, I fuck up a lot. But I’m consistent, I work hard and I don’t bullshit! I see no point in putting on an act just for the sake of a few likes on Facebook. I do like to share my achievements but that’s because I am proud of every single thing I do. Not so long ago I couldn’t have even dreamed I’d achieve any of my goals, and I know there are girls (and guys) out there who feel trapped that way too… There is a way out and you CAN change the ending of your story. I am proof that anyone and i mean ANYONE can succeed when they put their mind to it and work hard… Dont compare yourself to others, just work hard on your own dreams xx



My Top 10

I get a lot of messages from people asking what worked for me and how I lost weight. Hard work and consistency are the two pillars of how I lost weight and kept it off! However, here are a few more tips that have made a huge difference to me over the years! Hope it helps…

Copy of Nutrition Class

These are explained more in depth here…

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